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Introducing Aldar's inaugural residential development in Dubai, a place where holistic well-being is woven into the very fabric of the community. Picture yourself ensconced beneath the verdant canopy of a magnificent treehouse, where every facet of life at Haven has been meticulously curated to enrich your overall quality of life. A gentle, meandering stream contributes a harmonious backdrop to your daily existence.

Upon your arrival in this remarkable enclave, your gaze will be immediately drawn to an iconic treehouse perched majestically above this serene oasis. This architectural marvel is seamlessly integrated with and built around a venerable, ancient tree. Within this elevated sanctuary in the treetops, you'll discover a spacious, multi-level community lounge, perfectly suited for productive mornings in the co-working area or leisurely afternoons spent with family and friends in the communal social space. It is an invitation to experience well-being at its finest.

Step into the world of modern, wellness-inspired living at The Haven in Dubailand, a remarkable creation by Aldar Properties. Discover an array of 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses, along with stunning 3 to 6-bedroom villas, designed to elevate your lifestyle. With a total of 2,428 units to choose from, including the luxurious Elite Haven Villas, the serene Villas, and the charming Park Haven Townhouses, you'll find a perfect fit for your taste. This grand residential project weaves innovative architectural concepts into a lush, greenland scape, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary elegance and the tranquilly of nature. The Haven is not just a place to live; it's a carefully crafted oasis that promotes a vibrant, holistic lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a world of essential amenities and join a community that's set to become an iconic symbol of modern living.

Nestled strategically in Dubailand, this spot gives you the keys to the city witheasyaccess to major roadways like Emirates Road and D54 Zayed Bin Hamdan al NahyanStreet. Plus, Haven by Aldar is just a short 25-minute joyride away from iconichotspots like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina. So, you're not justwell-connected; you're the star of Dubai's dynamic cityscape!

·      Haven by Aldar – Discover Wellness Living.

·      An array of 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses, and 3 to 6-bedroom villas.

·      Generous green spaces.

·      Wellness centre and Haven Central Park.

·      Tranquility pool (Adults) and Splash pool (Kids).

·      Zen gardens including Picnic patches.

·      Basketball court, Air fitness and Nature trail.

·      Little Haven (Nursery+Kindergarten).

·      Offers Shaded play zone.

·      Meditation pavilion and Reflexology paths.

·      Includes mosque.

·      Padel Haven and Plunge pools.

·      Easy access to services.

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Zen Gardens including Picnic Patches. Basketball Court, Air Fitness and Nature Trail. Little Haven (Nursery+Kindergarten). Offers Shaded Play Zone. An array of 3 and 4-bedroom townhouses, and 3 to 6-bedroom villas. Generous Green Spaces. Wellness Centre and Haven Central Park. Tranquility Pool (Adults) and Splash Pool (Kids). Offers Shaded Play Zone. Meditation Pavilion and Reflexology Paths. Includes mosque. Padel Haven and Plunge pools. Easy Access to Services.

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