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AED 3.33 M
764 SQFT
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Taking cues from its environment, Eden House at The Canal embodies a modern, low-profile structure that seamlessly integrates with the Water Canal, reflecting a harmonious relationship with nature. It presents a distinctive residential design concept merging the luxury, convenience, and refinement of a premier hotel. Every detail has been meticulously considered to cater to guests' needs, fostering a sense of belonging and comfort. Spread across three levels, the seven villas of Eden House - The Canal offer panoramic views of the canal, distinguished against the cityscape while ensuring the utmost privacy for residents to relish intimate and memorable experiences.

The interiors of Eden House - The Canal are intricately designed, showcasing luxurious materials, sophisticated color schemes, and expansive windows that offer breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. This six-story low-rise building comprises 93 residences, ranging from studios to 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom suites, garden duplex units, and three exceptional penthouses, all meticulously planned to enhance guests’ experiences. With a discerning selection of elements, this development combines spacious layouts, premium finishes, and refined color palettes to shape distinctive living spaces fostering harmony and comfort. Each aspect, arrangement, and ambiance is meticulously curated, creating not just functional dwellings but artistic havens. Working alongside skilled artisans, the interiors blend bronzed glasses, textured stones, luxurious marbles, and brushed metals, resulting in residences that emanate tranquility, timelessness, and gentle radiance—a seamless blend of the extraordinary and the intimate, captivating the senses. Eden House - The Canal offers a suite of tailored amenities catering to work, leisure, and community engagement, ensuring residents can focus on their passions. Supported by a team of hospitable experts, the community provides personalized service, addressing each resident by name and leveraging an in-depth understanding of their preferences to deliver swift, discreet, and efficient responses to any request, at any hour.

Nestled adjacent to the entrance of the Dubai Water Canal within the esteemed Jumeirah locale, this exclusive residential enclave enjoys the charm of pedestrian-friendly avenues and an ambiance of refined tranquility that characterizes the sought-after Jumeirah neighborhood. Positioned a mere stone's throw from the shoreline, inhabitants relish a coastal-inspired way of life while maintaining convenient proximity to renowned cultural hubs such as Citywalk and Downtown Dubai, both serving as vibrant epicenters of the city's diverse and engaging experiences. In essence, residing in this strategically located residential enclave not only encapsulates the essence of tranquility and pedestrian-friendly surroundings but also grants unparalleled access to a myriad of enriching experiences and cultural opportunities, making it an ideal abode for those seeking a harmonious blend of coastal charm and urban vibrancy in the heart of Dubai.

·       Eden House at The Canal – Impeccably Crafted Homes.

·       Offering Studios to 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom suites, garden duplex units, and 3 exceptional penthouses.

·       Resident & Guest Parking.

·       Concierge.

·       24/7 Security.

·       Pool Lifeguard.

·       On-Site Maintenance and Housekeeping.

·       Laundry & Dry Cleaning.

·       Chauffeur Services.

·       Spa and Salon Services.

·       Butler Service and Personal Chef.

Amenities & Features

Laundry & Dry Cleaning. Chauffeur Services. Spa Services. Salon Services. Flower Arrangement Services. Butler Service. Personal Chef. Personal Training. Babysitting.
Additional Features
Resident & Guest Parking. Concierge. 24/7 Security. Pool Lifeguard. On-Site Maintenance. Housekeeping.

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