Oct 11, 2023


Things To Look Out For When Viewing A Property

Things to look out for when viewing a property

Buying or renting a new property is always an exciting moment. However, there are a few important steps to follow before moving to a new place.

It is crucial to carefully view the house, take your time, and do not rush. If necessary, visit the property twice. Don't miss any important details when doing your visit.

Here is a checklist with all the content that will help you while viewing a property.

• Check out if there is any renovations in the property.

• Pay attention to smells around the house, specially areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

• Examine how much natural light you will get inside the room and living room.

• Check all windows and doors.

• Is the security system working? Is the fire alarm working?

• Cracks in the wall or ceiling.

• Take videos and pictures.

• How old is the property?


It is very important to understand where your property will be located. Try to drive around the area to inspect the different shops, supermarkets and restaurants that are around. Does it have good schools? Are there any hospitals or clinics near by? Check every detail to make your life easier once you move in. This will be based on your needs, if you are using public transportation, you must check if there are metro and bus stations near your future house or if you have your own vehicle you might want to check what the traffic looks like during rush hour.

interior of the property

Check the interior and the exterior of your property. Look for anything that may cause you trouble in the future, and always ask all the questions you have. Ensure the floors are not rotted or damp, look out for any broken tiles or cracks on the wall. Make a quick assessment of the lights, check if they turn on and off properly and if the windows and doors close without any issues. It is important to double-check is the power points. Is there enough around the house? Do they function properly? As mentioned before, don’t be afraid of asking as many doubts as you have once you view your future house or apartment.

You need to feel comfortable and happy in your new house.
If you still have doubts after viewing the property, you can ask a professional to assist you in the process.

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